Visit to Workshop with Journalists Organized by Global Communities

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Laura F. Dogu
Managua, March 24, 2017

Good morning to all of you.  I am so pleased to have the opportunity to be here with you today.  I understand that you have all traveled here from different parts of the Caribbean Coast, so let me first welcome you to Managua.  I have had the chance to visit the Caribbean Coast on multiple occasions, and  I have visited many television and radio stations on the coast.  Perhaps our paths have crossed.  It is a good opportunity to be here today with all of you under the same roof, instead of in your offices

The U.S. government is proud to support this program through Global Communities to raise awareness of the crime of trafficking in persons and to provide assistance to victims.  Trafficking in persons sadly affects many of your communities. It is not an easy subject to investigate and report on.  It is complex and challenging and requires sensitivity and understanding.  We face the same problems in the United States, and our journalists play a key role.

The role of journalists is crucial.  Journalists share information with their communities.   Information empowers people.  It allows them to make educated decisions.  If journalists report on this topic, when a woman or a man hear of a job opportunity in another country that sounds too good, she or he will seek more information and will take precautions before making the trip.  In the same way, parents will be able to make better decisions to protect their children.

Your professional reporting can mobilize communities against trafficking in persons and in helping victims seek assistance.  Your role as reporters is vitally important to helping to keep your communities safe by shining light on this dark crime, and in doing so, shrinking the space in which criminals can operate.  You make it harder for them to commit these crimes!

The United Stated wants to contribute to a safer region. We want to help make sure that victims of trafficking receive support and are able to go back to safe communities.  Together I am confident that we can make positive changes.

I hope this workshop will be productive.  I hope you learn a great deal and are able to network with each other, so you can continue to work together as you go back to your communities.  I wish you all the very best in your journalistic endeavors.

# # #