Visit to PCI’s POSsibilities Project

Visit to POSsibilities Project

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu
Bilwi, April 28, 2016

Good morning, everyone.
Titam Yamni [“good morning” in Miskito].

I am very pleased to be here in Puerto Cabezas for the first time.  The U.S. Embassy is working with you to make your communities safe from violence, drug abuse and crime. We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in the POSsibilities project, and particularly Project Concern International.

The three themes of the POSsibilities project – peace, opportunity, and security – are important priorities.  It is difficult to keep communities safe and secure without addressing economic prosperity as well.

I’m happy to hear that many participants have dedicated their own time and labor to change the situation. Some have even matched funds for the community security projects.  All of you are demonstrating the importance of working together, of building sustainable networks, and of combining resources to address common security issues.

I salute the youth promoters who are being leaders, motivating their peers to live a healthier life, building peaceful relationships, earning respect from the elders, and seizing opportunities to participate in their communities.

I am inspired by the women in the “Dakni Pawanka” savings groups who are gaining the courage to put a stop to gender-based discrimination.  These women are working to be economically and socially empowered, and are now acting in their communities to improve security.

To the small business owners working together, I can tell you that your efforts are serving as an example for other businesses in Puerto Cabezas and beyond.

Implementing a project of this magnitude is very impressive, and I thank each of you again for coming here today to share your experiences with me.  I know I will learn a lot from you during my visit about the needs of the people, and how the U.S. Embassy’s goal of a prosperous, secure, and democratic Nicaragua is being met by our partners here.  I also want to learn where there is work left to be done.  The U.S. Embassy looks forward to continuing our great partnership with RACN communities and PCI on this project.  Thank you.