Information About Access

Road Construction Outside Embassy Map
Road Construction Outside Embassy Map


Due to major road construction outside the U.S. Embassy in Managua, the road in front of the Embassy (Carretera Sur) may be closed completely or allow traffic in only one direction, with no advance notice.  The municipality of Managua is responsible for regulating traffic and identifying parking in the area.  They have set aside a lot to the south of Piedrecitas park (see this map), which has no official charge.  However, unofficial parking attendants who are not associated with the Embassy are on hand to help direct traffic and may charge a fee to park.  The access route to this lot may change at any time, so if you plan to drive yourself to your appointment, please allow sufficient time to find parking and walk to the consular services entrance.  The walk from parking to the consular entrance may be farther than anticipated, but do not arrive more than 30 minutes in advance.

Personal Bags

The following items are banned from the Consular Section: cell phones, cameras, walkmans, CD players, mp3 players, palm pilots, laptop computer, and all types of electronic equipment. Weapons of any kind are also prohibited. Personal Electronic device larger than a mobile phone cannot be stored during your visit to the Embassy.  Thank you in advance for your compliance with these security measures.