U.S. Embassy supports youth development in Puerto Cabezas, RACN

Group photoWith the support of the U.S. Embassy – Managua, the Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policy – IEEPP, in partnership with the Nicaraguan Development Institute (INDE) Young Entrepreneurs Program, is educating and strengthening the leadership skills of 40 at-risk youth from Puerto Cabezas’s semi-urban communities.  The youth began an 8-month training program on topics of personal development, youth leadership, and entrepreneurship that will help them exercise community and business leadership. The training facilitators are students from the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), who successfully graduated from the project’s train-the-trainer program in April 2014.

IEEPP’s “Educating for Peace in the Caribbean of Nicaragua” Project will continue to develop youth leaders committed to building secure communities, through September 2015. In addition, beginning April 2015, IEEPP will begin a Diploma Program on integrated community development aimed at 50 community leaders from Puerto Cabezas and Siuna. These leaders will form community development plans that will be shared with various regional stakeholders to gather support in their implementation. In the same month, as part of the Educating for Peace project, IEEPP will also begin a Diploma Program for 20 social organizations from Puerto Cabezas on project management with an emphasis on prevention of youth violence and gender equality.

INL currently funds four grant projects with NGOs in the Caribbean Coast and Managua area. All projects aim to increase citizen security, provide civic education, reduce drug demand in Nicaragua, and build the capacity of partner organizations.