Victims of Crime

Help for American Victims of Crime in Nicaragua

Being the victim of crime in a foreign country can be a devastating and traumatic experience. While no one can undo the emotional trauma, physical injury, or financial loss you may have endured, the U.S. Mission in Nicaragua is ready to help with the legal process. We can assist you in managing the consequences of being a crime victim; provide you with information about accessing the local criminal justice system, and other resources for crime victims abroad and in the United States.

The guide, Victim Assistance Handout (PDF 89 KB), is a general description of the criminal justice system in Nicaragua relevant to victims of a crime. The information included in this guide is provided for general information purposes only.

If you have any specific questions, or if you would like to report being the victim of a crime, you can contact us at If you have specific legal questions, you may want to consult an attorney. A list of attorneys in Nicaragua can be found here.

We strongly encourage citizens to report crimes with the embassy by filling out an incident report (PDF 20 KB)and sending it to Embassy Consular staff will monitor this inbox on a daily basis.

  • For helpful tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime, click here.
  • For further information on crime and public safety, click here.
  • For further information regarding crime victim assistance, please, visit the Department of State’s website.