Social Security

General Information

For all services, you will need to schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment or to obtain information, the best way to contact the Federal Benefits Unit is by sending an email to

For more information about how to access the Consular Section click here.

If you would like general information about Social Security, please visit the SSA website at This site includes:

Please note that the “my Social Security” online service is not available to individuals with overseas mailing addresses.

For general inquiries, you also may contact the SSA by phone at 1-800-772-1213 (English and Spanish).

To learn how to earn Social Security Credits please read this handbook (PDF 359 KB)

Social Security Services Provided at U.S. Embassy Managua

Below, please find a list of some of the services we provide on behalf of the Social Security Administration:

  • Request a proof of income or benefits verification letter
  • Return Federal checks
  • Accept applications for Social Security cards and Social Security benefits
  • Accept changes of address and disenrollment from Medicare Parts A and B
  • Enrollment in direct deposit programs
  • Enrollment in Medicare Parts A and B
  • Acceptance of Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire (FEQ) – SSA-7161 and SSA-7162
  • Acceptance of Full Calendar Month Reports
  • Report the death of a beneficiary
  • Accept reports of non-receipt of checks
  • Report of overpayment or underpayment
  • Schedule medical exams to verify disability claims

Applying for a Social Security Card

U.S. citizens and non-citizens who have permission to work from the Department of Homeland Security can apply for a Social Security number and card. Read more about at: Non-Citizen Requirements (PDF 126 KB).  You may apply for an original or replacement Social Security card at the Federal Benefits Unit. There is no fee for this service.

For a list of documents that you will need at the time of your application, please read:

 Social Security Cards for U.S. Citizen Children Born in Nicaragua

Children born in Nicaragua and documented as U.S. Citizens through the Consular Report of Birth Abroad (“CRBA”) process must apply for a Social Security Card.  They may apply for the card after completing the CRBA process and obtaining a U.S. passport.  At the time of application, you will need the CRBA, U.S. Passport, and Nicaraguan birth certificate (en forma literal) for the child, as well as valid identification for the U.S. citizen parent (U.S. passport).

Applying for Social Security Benefits Online

Applicants residing in Nicaragua may apply for Retirement, Medicare Only, or Auxiliary Spouse benefits in just 15 minutes at: or for Disability benefits at

For an overview of the information required on the SSA’s online application, please visit the following link: (PDF 1 MB)

You may view a short video on how to apply for benefits online at the following link:

If you do not meet the above category of beneficiary, you can request an appointment by calling 2252-7219 or by emailing

Helpful Links

Please click on the following links for additional information on:

 SOCIAL SECURITY Accepting Full Calendar Month Reports

Certain non-U.S. citizens can receive Social Security monthly benefit payments after residing lawfully in the United States for one full calendar month. They are required to reside in the U.S. for one full month for each time they are outside of the U.S. for six consecutive months.

This requirement applies to beneficiaries eligible to receive a payment but who:

  • Are not U.S. citizens, or
  • Were not initially eligible for monthly benefits before January 1, 1985, or
  • Have not resided in the U.S. for at least five years.

You must report completing your full-calendar month to receive payment.  You must make an appointment with the Federal Benefits Unit to submit your evidence related to completing your full calendar month.

Once you have completed your full calendar month visit, you must present the following documents to the FBU:

  • Passport with date stamp entry into the United States.
  • Plane ticket stubs associated with the travel dates on the passport
  • Hotel receipts or statements of individuals specifying the dates the person provided the beneficiary with lodging. The person signing the letter must provide their address, telephone number and date the letter. The statement does not need to be notarized.

We will ask you to complete and sign a statement that includes:

  • the dates you entered and left the U.S.;
  • the address at which you stayed; and
  • a statement that you did not go outside the U.S. at any time during the month of claimed presence.