Requesting Civil Records

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To request a birth, death or marriage certificate, you must apply at the Nicaraguan civil registry office where the birth, death or marriage was registered or at the Central Registry in Managua.

There is no service by mail. You must retrieve the document yourself or have your attorney or representative retrieve the document for you, in which case he or she will need to present a power of attorney authorizing them to do so.

Generally you need to provide the following information when requesting your civil document:

  • Name at birth/death/marriage
  • Date of birth/death/marriage
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Number and copy of Identification (Nicaraguan residency or cédula are preferable)

The cost for such services will not exceed 120 Córdobas ($7.00).  Most civil registries offer expedited services for an extra fee.

The registry might request sealed legal paper, popularly known in Spanish as “papel sellado,” which you can obtain from a bookstore, attorney, court or the registry. For more information on Nicaraguan civil registries, please contact the Nicaraguan Supreme Court of Justice.

For information (in Spanish) on obtaining civil documents in Managua, click here.

Nicaragua’s Central Registry
When civil documents are solicited for U.S. Visas and American Citizens Services, the U.S. Embassy almost always requires that civil documents originating outside of Managua be issued by the Central Registry in Managua. Please note that the U.S. embassy does not require that Nicaraguan civil records be authenticated.

More information (in Spanish) about obtaining documents from Nicaragua’s Central Registry can be found here. Map