Citizen Services FAQs

Please provide more information about your family member – full name, date of birth, place of birth, e-mail address, social security number, home address, cell phone number, etc. to help us locate him/her. Please note the following:

  • The Privacy Act prevents us from sharing any information about another individual without their written permission;
  • It is helpful to have as much information as possible about the person we are seeking-i.e. their e-mail address, last known address…..etc.
American Citizen Services has compiled a list of medical facilities, some with English-speaking staff who may be able to help you. The Doctors and Hospital list and other general medical information are available on our website. Please note that neither the U.S. Embassy nor the State Department endorses or promotes specific providers. The information above is submitted as an information resource only and is not meant to be comprehensive or to imply endorsement.

No, the U.S. Embassy is not able to act as a legal representative or give legal advice. All legal disputes must be resolved through the Nicaraguan legal system. We have compiled a list of attorneys who are willing to work with foreigners in Nicaragua. Neither the U.S. Embassy nor the State Department endorse nor promote specific providers or services.

You must contact the Department of Motor Vehicle Office in the State where your driver’s license was issued for instructions

The Nicaraguan National Police issues driver’s licenses. Refer to their website for detailed information on the application process: General Information on Driving in Nicaragua may be found on our website.

Yes, all U.S. citizens must report world-wide income by filing an annual U.S. income tax return, regardless of whether they also pay taxes elsewhere. For more information on taxes see our website.

The Embassy is unable to assist with ink fingerprints for criminal record checks, commonly requested in association with job applications. For information about how to obtain fingerprints or a criminal record check, please visit the following website.

If the Department of Homeland Security has asked for your fingerprints as part of a visa petition, please send an email with a scanned copy of the document requesting your fingerprints to