U.S. Air Force plane arrives to Nicaragua with Donations

Avión C-5 de la Fuerza Aérea de los EEUU

A C-5 Galaxy, the largest airplane in the United States Air Force’s inventory landed at Augusto C. Sandino’s International Airport Saturday carrying donations for local organizations from humanitarian organizations in the United States.

The total donation amounted to 37,000 Kg in foods and 9,500 Kg in firefighting equipment with a total value of $215,000. The donations were made by Abundant Rain Ministries and Bend Firefighters Foundation and will be delivered to local organizations.

The food donations will be distributed by Fundación Instituto Biblico Internacional in Managua, Granada, Ciudad Sandino, Tipitapa, San Rafael del Sur, and Masachapa through soup kitchens, orphanages and schools. The firefighting equipment will be distributed throughout the country by Asociación Civil Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Nicaragua.

The flight is part of the Denton Program, a joint effort between several U.S. government agencies.

Ambassador Dogu said: “I am proud of the generosity of the people and government of the United States. We’re happy to be able to hand over this donation.”