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Lions Club of Leon

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu Leon, February 12, 2017 Estoy muy contenta de estar aquí nuevamente. Debido a que hay personas que no hablan español, voy a hablar en los dos idiomas. I am very happy to be here today. Because there are people here who only speak English or Spanish, I will speak in both languages. Ésta es la tercera

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Opening Ceremony Nicaragua Technology Summit 2017

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu Managua, January 21, 2017 Welcome all to the Nicaragua Technology Summit 2017. This summit is an exciting and unique platform and addresses a crucial topic. To advance, we all must embrace technology. I look forward to hearing from a distinguished lineup of speakers and panelists, both from the United States, Nicaragua, and beyond, about the infinite

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Remarks for the Ambassador at the UCC-Léon CDMC Opening

Remarks by the Ambassador León, January 4, 2017 Welcome to the students and personnel of Wake Forest University. The students and staff at Wake Forest University are both enthusiastic and capable partners, and I am excited to see their hard work bear fruit here.  And I know they have found an effective and strong partner here at UCC-Leon to support

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Intensive Access English Language Camp Closing Ceremony

Remarks by Ambassador December 19, 2016 Good morning special guests, Access camp counselors from Nicaragua and from the United States, teachers and staff, and Access students. Welcome to the closing ceremony of the seventh edition of the English Access Camp in Nicaragua. I’d like to thank all the different organizations and individuals who supported this camp such as the Boy

US Marines present the flags

241st Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Remarks by the Ambassador Managua, November 18, 2016 Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight as we celebrate the 241st birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Let me begin by reading a message from Secretary of State John Kerry: On behalf of the Department of State and all our employees serving overseas and at home,

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Lunch with Nicaraguan Women Entrepreneur Network

Remarks by Ambassador Managua, November 18, 2016 I am honored to speak to you today, and pleased that you have welcomed me back for a second year to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day with you.  I am so impressed by your dedication, determination, and persistence to build your businesses, create new opportunities, and realize your potential by following your passions.  That

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Peace Corps Volunteers Swearing In Ceremony

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, November 10, 2016 Good Morning I feel extremely fortunate to have been assigned to Nicaragua for many reasons, and one of those reasons is because Nicaragua has a Peace Corps Program. Peace Corps Volunteers are such interesting people – they come from all over the United States willing to support the prosperity of

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Election Night at the CCNN

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, November 8, 2016 Good afternoon everyone. I’m very pleased to be here with you all on U.S. Election Day! U.S. presidential elections only come once every four years and it is always an exciting time for U.S. democracy. The American democratic process is one of the most transparent and fair in the world.

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Entrepreneurship Night

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, July 29, 2016 The word entrepreneur comes from French and its original meaning was akin to “adventurer.” Entrepreneurs truly are adventurers, explorers building products and services never before seen, creating new companies in uncertain environments, and pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible. There is often little guarantee of reward, but the

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VI Access English Microscholarship, Managua Program Graduation

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu July 15, 2016 – 10:00am Centro Cultural Nicaragüense Norteamericano Que alegría estar aquí con ustedes en este día tan especial. Es un honor estar con estos estudiantes sobresalientes, los docentes, y la institución anfitriona del programa Access, y muy especialmente con las familias de estos estudiantes. He estado en muchas ceremonias de Access y

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240th Anniversary of the Independence of the United States

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, July 30, 2016 Good evening. Thank you for joining us tonight to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the United States.  I want to especially thank all of our sponsors, and the Managua municipal band for welcoming us in tonight!  We generally celebrate the Fourth of July with baseball games, grilled burgers, cold beer,

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Facebook Live Entrepreneurship Event

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, June 27, 2016 Hello, good afternoon to all our fans.  The Embassy is trying live events to discuss useful topics for our fans. I am glad to address you and welcome you to this live session about the usage of social networks to market your business. Social networks, especially Facebook, have become today

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Women Entrepreneur Congress

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, May 5, 2016 Good morning, What a pleasure it is for me to be with this group of businesswomen.  I want to give a special welcome to the businesswomen coming from North Caribbean Coast region with whom I had the pleasure to meet last week during my trip to Puerto Cabezas and also

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Visit to PCI’s POSsibilities Project

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Bilwi, April 28, 2016 Good morning, everyone. Titam Yamni [“good morning” in Miskito]. I am very pleased to be here in Puerto Cabezas for the first time.  The U.S. Embassy is working with you to make your communities safe from violence, drug abuse and crime. We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in the

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Fundación Fenix Drug Prevention Campaign Event

Discurso de la Embajadora Laura F. Dogu Managua, 21 de abril del 2016 Good morning everyone! It is a pleasure to be here in Ciudad Sandino with all of you to celebrate Fundación Fenix’s drug prevention campaign and the “Schools for Parents.”  Thank you to Fundación Fenix who organized this event for so many parents, mentors, special guests, and young

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CAFTA-DR: Challenges and Opportunities after 10 Years of Success

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, April 19, 2016 Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today.  I am pleased that we are having this conversation on CAFTA’s 10th anniversary. During a visit to the Port of Miami last week, I had the opportunity to see many cargo vessels filled with products that are traded between the

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English for Journalists Program’s Third Graduation

Discurso de la Embajadora Laura F. Dogu Managua, 9 de febrero del 2016 Felicidades graduados. Y felicitaciones también a los familiares y amigos de los graduandos, quienes han trabajado tan arduamente para culminar este entrenamiento. Como ellos han estado estudiando inglés, espero que no les importe que cambie de idioma por un rato. It is my honor to be here

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Thriive Awards Reception

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu Managua, February 4, 2016 We are so grateful for the opportunity to help sponsor this event with Thriive in honor of the social entrepreneurs and innovators here in Nicaragua. And while tonight we will especially recognize one person who has provided a particularly meaningful and innovative impact to Nicaraguan society, I also want to

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Closing of NicaTESOL Conference

Good afternoon all. Thank you Chris and Franklin for the introduction, and congratulations to you all for another successful  NicaTESOL. It seems that NicaTESOL, through the efforts of ANPI and a group of committed volunteers, grows stronger each year. Congratulations also to you all on the ANPI election that you went through yesterday.  It is fitting that this election took

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Food Safety Congress

Managua, December 10, 2015 Good morning. I am pleased to see our countries work together to improve Nicaragua’s competiveness and its economy as part of our commitment to assist Nicaragua engage in the global economy and benefit from the CAFTA-DR trade agreement. The purpose of this workshop is to address the recent rules of the Food Safety and Modernization Act

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AMCHAM School Entrepreneurship Fair

Good morning, everybody. It is a real pleasure for me to be with you today for this School Entrepreneurship Fair.  I want to thank the American Chamber of Commerce and its members for once again lending their support to this important event.  They recognize that the young people here today are the business leaders of tomorrow, and that events like

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CHOP IX Signing Ceremony

I am delighted to be here today to sign, together with Fr. Idiáquez, the ninth agreement for the College Horizons Outreach Program in Nicaragua. This week is International Education Week and I can think of no better way to mark this occasion than by celebrating our joint commitment to preparing underserved Nicaraguans for higher education. I have been in your

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Cacao Forum

In my first month in Nicaragua, I have met with many political leaders, business executives, educators, and civil society groups.  They have told me about Nicaragua’s challenges and opportunities for development.  But I have been looking forward especially to being with this audience today and having the opportunity to share my thoughts and learn from you about one of the

Ambassador Dogu during her speech

Opening of Environmental Summit Nicaragua COP21 2015

Dr. Medina, Thank you for that introduction.  It is a pleasure to be at this event and to talk about this important issue. Last year in Indonesia, Secretary of State John Kerry called climate change “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”  It has the potential to change where we live, what crops we can grow, and even what

Great Seal of the United States

Subgrants Signing Ceremony for the USAID/PrevenSida Projects

It is a pleasure for me to be here with you today to learn about the great work achieved by civil society organizations working with key populations on HIV/AIDS and to participate in the signing of the Sixth Round of Grants. For the past five years, civil society organizations in Nicaragua have received financial support from the U.S. President’s Emergency

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Building Bridges to the Future

Remarks as Delivered before AMCHAM Good afternoon and thank you to AmCham for organizing this event.  It is an honor and a pleasure to be here. I am glad to see that everybody was able to get here despite de traffic problems. I hope this is a peaceful day for everyone. It’s an honor and pleasure to be here.  My

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Statement to the Press

Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for coming here today for my first press conference in Nicaragua.   It is an honor and a pleasure to be here.  I hope to have frequent and open communication with the media during my tenure as ambassador, and I look forward to seeing you often. My husband and I arrived in Managua last week and

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