Swearing Ceremony of Peace Corps Volunteers

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Laura F. Dogu
Managua, November 9, 2017

Good morning.

The Peace Corps Swearing Ceremony is one of my favorite activities because it shows the collaboration between our countries and the commitment to work. Working together, Peace Corps volunteers and their Nicaraguan counterparts are examples of our common qualities of friendship, dedication and desire to excel. And this represents one of the three goals of the Peace Corps that is to promote understanding among our peoples.

I would like to thank the families who generously opened their homes during the training period, feeding them, taking care of them, teaching them Spanish, their customs and making them a member of their families and thus making their adaptation faster and with fewer challenges.

In the same way, I thank the new families and host colleagues who will start this new journey for the next two years of service with our volunteers. The Environment Program will carry out environmental projects, along with primary teachers to improve the lives of families and create a new generation committed to the care of our planet and improve the quality of life. This includes school gardens, preparing fertilizers, and recycling garbage. The other group of volunteers will work with the teaching of English, in high school in three areas.

First, they will support efforts in curricular modernization in all public schools in the country. Second, they will enhance the verbal communication of teachers and students using participatory communication, and, third, they will increase language skills. This will allow students and teachers to gain more confidence in their English speaking skills.

All this would not be possible without the close collaboration with the Government of Nicaragua and is based on its priorities that include providing relevant and quality education. The Peace Corps works hand in hand with the Ministry of Education supporting all programs and efforts for children and education.

This alliance would not be possible without the collaboration and support of the Minister and the counterparts of the Peace Corps in the Ministry. With the addition of this new group, we will have a total of 158 Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Nicaragua, in 4 programs: 1) Community Health, 2) Promotion of Entrepreneurship, 3) Environmental Education, 4) Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Nicaragua is one of 64 countries around the world that receives Peace Corps Volunteers. Our new volunteers, at the end of their two years of service, will end up being culturally rich with the satisfaction of having worked with their Nicaraguan counterparts.

Many successes when starting this mission.


Thank you so much.

# # #