Statement to the Press at AmCham – uniRSE Event

La Embajadora Dogu se dirige a los medios de prensa

Ambassador Dogu’s Statement to the Press during AmCham – uniRSE Event
March 20, 2017

I am very pleased to be with these two distinguished organizations and presidents to highlight the importance of corporate social responsibility for sustainable development. It is natural that the AmCham and uniRSE are working together to highlight best CSR practices by U.S. firms.

U.S. companies are among the global leaders in CSR and are widely recognized for their commitment to respecting the rule of law, engaging in fair play, and strengthening local communities through long-term investments and corporate social responsibility programs. Promoting CSR benefits companies from all countries that fight corruption, combat human trafficking, promote labor rights, and adhere to high standards. The idea behind corporate social responsibility is that a business cannot succeed in a community that fails.

The U.S. government plays a leadership role on CSR by highlighting U.S. companies that stand out as CSR leaders. The annual Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence recognizes U.S. firms that uphold the highest standards of responsible business conduct in their global operations. Nicaragua’s Sahlman Seafoods was one of the global winners of this award in 2011. We are proud that they will participate in tomorrow’s event and we look forward to hearing about how they continue to support the community. Cargill and Walmart have also been recognized by Embassies and others around the world for their best practices. We are pleased that they will also participate and share their experiences tomorrow.

Another way the U.S. Government promotes sustainable development is by promoting public-private partnerships. The United Stated Agency for International Development engages and collaborates with the private sector and companies to create public-private partnerships in order to achieve sustainable development and eradicate poverty. In Nicaragua, we have launched several public-private partnerships with a focus on workforce development, employability, and entrepreneurship.

CSR promotes sustainable economic growth that improves the GDP and the welfare of families. Tomorrow’s event will help increase knowledge in Nicaragua of this important issue. We are pleased to be working alongside uniRSE and AmCham, and hope to see you tomorrow.