Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly Announces New Aviation Security Enhancements

Office of Public Affairs
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Press Release
June 28, 2017

DHS Will Require Enhanced Security Measures for all Flights to the United States

WASHINGTON – Today, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly will announce enhanced security screening measures for all commercial flights to the United States. These measures, both seen and unseen, include enhanced screening of passengers and electronic devices as well as heightened security standards for aircraft and airports. These measures will affect both foreign and domestic carriers and will further secure flights from more than 280 last point of departure airports in 105 countries around the world.

Secretary Kelly will announce these heightened security measures today at an event in Washington. In his remarks, as prepared for delivery, Secretary Kelly will explain, “The terrorists are adaptive and we are seeing a ‘spider web’ of threats against the aviation sector. We need to be agile and adaptive like our adversaries. That is why we plan to raise the baseline for aviation security across the globe – to address varied threats, not one specific method or approach. Today is the starting point. Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll work with aviation stakeholders and international partners to ensure these measures are fully implemented.”

The enhanced security measures include but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing overall passenger screening;
  • Conducting heightened screening of personal electronic devices;
  • Increasing security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas; and
  • Deploying advanced technology, expanding canine screening, and establishing additional preclearance locations.

DHS will be approaching these enhancements in phases. Some will be required immediately, while others will be implemented over time, in coordination with our international partners. Those stakeholders who fail to implement these requirements within certain timeframes may be subject to additional security restrictions being imposed, including a ban on large personal electronic devices on the aircraft or even suspension of flights to the United States.

Enhancing security on a worldwide scale is critical to keeping the traveling public safe and the department will continue to assess and adapt its aviation security posture in a risk-based manner and based on the latest intelligence.

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