Closing of the Pacific Disaster Center Workshop

La Embajadora de Estados Unidos en Nicaragua Laura Dogu Participa en el Taller Final sobre el Proyecto de Evaluación de Desastres

Remarks by the Ambassador
August 11, 2017

In difficult times the people of the United States always supports Nicaragua. We did it almost 20 years ago after Hurricane Mitch and we did about 20 days ago in search of the crew of the missing fishing boat.

Always hand and hand with the government. And this Project which identifies risks and help with the preparation before the disasters is one more example of our commitment.

Thank you Dr. Gonzalez and SINAPRED for the excellent cooperation. I as well would like to say thanks to theU.S. Southern Command of the United States and the Pacific Disaster Center.

Pacific Disaster Center is recognized internationally as a center of research at the University of Hawaii.The researchers have worked closely with SINAPRED to to conduct the Baseline Assessment.

This assessment supports our mutual goal of disaster risk reduction in Nicaragua and uses the internationally recognized frameworks.

The workshop today provides a critical insight about existing disaster preparedness and prevention capacities. The Baseline Assessment provides unique recommendations for coping with disasters and reducing vulnerabilities within the departments and autonomous areas.

This includes the identification of the strengths and the well-prepared regions of the country. Furthermore, it highlights the necessary actions and investments in order to increase resilience.

The data is in a database that experts like those of SINAPRED can use for planning purposes. And with similar efforts in other countries of the region such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras the risks in the region are emphasized.

The governments can then work together with the final goal of reducing the impact of disasters in their countries.

Together, we will work to build a culture of prevention that enhances the disaster preparedness, safety and well-being of all Nicaraguans.

Thank you very much!

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