Opening Eighth Edition of College Horizons Outreach Program (CHOP VIII) UNAN-Managua

People standing and looking at items. (Embassy Image)
UNAN Managua receives from the Public Affairs Officer Lisa Swenarski de Herrera, on behalf of the U.S. Embassy, the textbooks and materials that the CHOP students will be using for their English classes.

20 high school students selected from Nindiri, Masachapa, and Ciudad Sandino attended the opening of the eighth edition of College Horizons Outreach Program (CHOP VIII) at UNAN-Managua.   CHOP is an educational opportunity for economically disadvantaged Nicaraguan high school students of indigenous and African descent.  The scholarship program is for two and a half years and provides English language classes on university campuses where students also gain confidence and soft skills needed for their success in higher education.

The students were accompanied by their parents and tutors, students of the TESL major that will become mentors to these high schoolers, teachers of the English Department, and authorities of the School of Education and Languages, and the Public Affairs Officer representing the U.S. Embassy.