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Ambassador Dogu standing by a podium delivering her speech

Lions Club of Leon

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu Leon, February 12, 2017 Estoy muy contenta de estar aquí nuevamente. Debido a que hay personas que no hablan español, voy a hablar en los dos idiomas. I am very happy to be here today. Because there are people here who only speak English or Spanish, I will speak in both languages. Ésta es la tercera

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visa en un pasaporte

Nicaragua is not part of the Visa Waiver Program

Nicaragua is not currently part of the Visa Waiver Program.  Reports of new countries being added to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are false. The Department of Homeland Security, which administers the VWP in consultation with the Department of State, has not announced any new VWP entrants. The full list of countries whose citizens or nationals are currently eligible

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Message for U.S. Citizens: New Requirement for Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination for Some Travelers to Nicaragua

Message for U.S. Citizens January 24, 2017 On January 17, 2017 the Government of Nicaragua announced a new requirement for travelers entering Nicaragua from certain countries to present proof of yellow fever vaccination as a condition for being granted entry to Nicaragua.  This requirement is in response to a recent yellow fever outbreak in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

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La Embajadora Dogu tras el podio pronuncia su discurso

Opening Ceremony Nicaragua Technology Summit 2017

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu Managua, January 21, 2017 Welcome all to the Nicaragua Technology Summit 2017. This summit is an exciting and unique platform and addresses a crucial topic. To advance, we all must embrace technology. I look forward to hearing from a distinguished lineup of speakers and panelists, both from the United States, Nicaragua, and beyond, about the infinite

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Ambassador Dogu poses with a dozen firefighter men and women in front of Embassy seal

Firefighters Visit Embassy

January 14, 2017 Ambassador Dogu met with a group of firefighters from San Francisco, California and Bend, Oregon, in Nicaragua, donating their time during vacations, to train Nicaraguan firefighters on extraction techniques, trauma evaluation and water rescue. Since 2007, these group of men and women have been coming to Nicaragua during vacation time to train and work with Nicaraguan firefighters.

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