Mark Twain and Ruben Dario Statue Unveiling in San Juan del Sur

La Embajadora Dogu devela la escultura de Mark Twain y Rubén Darío sentados en una banca del muelle de San Juan del Sur

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador, Laura F. Dogu
San Juan del Sur, December 29, 2016

Good afternoon everyone.

I’m very happy to be here today in this beautiful port city of San Juan del Sur.

Today, we are celebrating the inauguration of the monument of two of our most important writers of the nineteenth century, Ruben Dario and Mark Twain.

As we know, 150 years ago, Mark Twain arrived to this port and traveled across the country writing the beauty of the Nicaraguan people and their land. But this time, he will stay for the new generations in the shape of this sculpture made by Nicaraguans artistic hands where both Ruben Dario and Mark Twain invite all to sit to read and learn with them.

Because the work of both authors are part of the educative programs in their respective countries, both Mark Twain and Ruben Dario, remind us and invite us, through their literary legacy, to keep sharing this cultural relationship with the new generations.

Let’s enjoy the beautiful landscape that San Juan del Sur, this open door to Nicaragua, offers and the nice welcome this monument will give us.