Leadership Workshop with Participants of the Variable Payment Obligation Program (VPO) in Global Entrepreneurship Week

La Embajadora Dogu en conferencia de prensa conmemorando un año en Nicaragua

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu
November 14, 2016

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this leadership workshop. I am very impressed by your talent, ideas, and passion. As you know, the entrepreneurial spirit is vital for the economy of a nation. It requires much strength and support to start and grow a business. I want to recognize your contribution to the society, because with your work, you are forging a better future for your children, family, and community.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week brings together innovators and job creators who launch new businesses, propels economic growth, and improves the lives around the world.

The Variable Payment Obligation (VPO) Program is a great example of support to the businesses. It facilitates access to credit and technical assistance to growing small businesses, especially the ones led by women.

For the past 5 years, we have worked with Nicaraguans to train nearly 2,500 youth business and civil society leaders.

The United States of America supports business organizations and entrepreneur networks through financing, training, and technical assistance.

We are very proud of the alliances that we have established with leading organizations of entrepreneurship in Nicaragua and will continue to support its efforts.

Also, I want to congratulate and thank especially the participants. We are delighted that the program benefits many women entrepreneurs.

I wish you a great success with your businesses.