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Foreign National Student Intern Program

The Foreign National Student Intern Program (FNSIP) is designed for university students who are non-U.S. citizens seeking internships with U.S. Missions abroad.  The program provides foreign national students with valuable educational experience and assists the U.S. Embassy in accomplishing its goals.

The purpose of the Program is to offer students the challenge of working in a foreign affairs arena, at the same time the Embassy benefits from their assistance. The program is open to all university students who meet the required qualifications and are available to work for a short period (from three to six months). The Human Resources Office establishes an open application season each year, subject to requests for intern positions from agencies and sections within the embassy.

To be considered eligible, the applicant must meet the student criteria and the application must be sent to Managuajobs@state.gov (subject to the open season period).

Universities working in alliance with this Internship Program are: Thomas More, Keiser University, UAM, UCA, UPOLI, UNICIT, American College, UCC, UPOLI, UNIVALLE and UNI.
*If you are not a student of these Universities, you can also send your application to this Internship Program.