Fundación Fenix Drug Prevention Campaign Event

La Embajadora posa para una foto de grupo con estudiantes

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador, Laura F. Dogu
April 27, 2017

Good morning everyone!   It is a pleasure to be here at Fundación Fenix. The United Sates is proud of this partnership with the School for Parents. Last year when I participated in this event there were nine Schools for Parents – now there are 17! And there are other parents that are asking for Schools in their communities.

Through this program, young people are learning the values to make good life choices that will lead them to achieve success. A safe and prosperous Nicaragua free of drugs, begins at home with the example that we as parents set for our children.

The coming months are crucial because you are going to replicate with other parents what you have learned. All of you can make a real difference in your neighborhoods.

Last, I want to thank the psychologists and mentors here today. The United States appreciates your commitment and dedication towards drug and violence prevention. Thank you to Fundación Fenix for a successful campaign. Congratulations to you all, and enjoy this wonderful event.

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