Food Show 2017

La Embajadora conversa con algunos de los presentadores durante su recorrido

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Laura F. Dogu
August 16, 2017

Food Service – Café Soluble has organized an extraordinary Food Show and I’m sure it will also be delicious. I am happy to know that the Food Show theme is Food Trucks, because they are part of the culinary culture of the U.S. We even have a Food Trucks movie titled “Chefs,” which is perfect for this event. In the film, they celebrate many kinds of food and this Food Show does the same.

During the last few years, food imports from Nicaragua have changed a lot. It is no longer just an importing country of bulk food, but a variety of processed foods, due to the growth of supermarkets, stores like PriceSmart and Walmart, and the greater number of tourists visiting the country. In other words, economic growth.

American products combine with traditional Nicaraguan gastronomy, creating interesting and creative combinations with the flavors of the two countries. You can join my colleagues from the Department of Agriculture and the Economic Section to trade shows to learn more about new American products.

You will see that 90 percent of the products of this Food Show are of American origin such as Simplot, Rich, Gordon Food Service, Cheney Brothers, Solo Cup, among others; and many suppliers have traveled from the United States to be present. They will give us the opportunity to taste their products in each of the posts they have installed. I hope you are all very hungry. Food Service – Soluble coffee sells all these products in Nicaragua.

After, I will cook with Chef Hazel Cuadra using products from the United States. I am not an expert cook but I will learn a lot from Hazel.

Enjoy the fair!

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