Facebook Live Entrepreneurship Event

Ambassador Dogu during a Facebook Live chat with nicaraguan entrepreneurs

Remarks by Ambassador Laura F. Dogu
Managua, June 27, 2016

Hello, good afternoon to all our fans.  The Embassy is trying live events to discuss useful topics for our fans. I am glad to address you and welcome you to this live session about the usage of social networks to market your business. Social networks, especially Facebook, have become today important tools to divulge and promote Nicaragua.

This session marks the beginning of a series of programs aimed at our fans in order to talk about entrepreneurship, business, and educational opportunities, among others. To the Embassy, it is very important to be able to contribute to making Nicaragua more prosperous, safer, and more democratic. This afternoon, we count on the collaboration of our alumni member Sara Lila Cordero, who participated in a program of the Embassy, We America, for women entrepreneurs, in 2014. Sara Lila is an extraordinary young woman who is working to promote entrepreneurship in Nicaragua and create a community for the economic development of the country.

This is why she founded the digital platform “La Fábrica,” which is a space to provide useful information on topics related to entrepreneurship. She also has stories about other entrepreneurs in Nicaragua. I hope this session promotes your business or generates innovative ideas for your next business.

Without more preambles, I’ll leave with you our friend Sara Lila, who will start up the session. Please, during this session you can send in your notes or questions through the comment section, and we will try to address all of them.

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