Event “Business Connections INDE 2017”

Ambassador Dogu is greeted by one of the sellers during the event

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu
April 6, 2017

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this very special program with you today.

I am always pleased to have the chance to participate in the events which INDE organizes.

Since 1963, INDE has been dedicated to promoting and defending the economic and social importance of private businesses within a climate of freedom and progress.

I congratulate President Núñez and all of the INDE team here for working for a more prosperous Nicaragua based on sustainable development.

The need for entrepreneurs like you is greater today than it has ever been before in Nicaragua.

The world is changing rapidly, and if Nicaragua is to develop more rapidly, it must change with it.

For instance, Nicaragua has a large and growing garment and sewing industry that provides thousands of jobs. But technology can impact this industry.

In September 2016 in Seattle, Washington, a robot sewed a t-shirt. This was the first time a garment was made entirely by robots and machines.

However, one thing robots cannot do is design style. And your work here demonstrates that Nicaraguans have style.

Therefore, in addition to developing the industries to make apparel, I encourage Nicaragua to continue to develop individuals and firms which design beautiful and useful apparel.

How can this be done?

Prosperity is what happens when you combine innovation, information sharing, and sustainability through strong institutions.

Innovation can use new technology or rethink old methods or products in a new way.

Information sharing through a stronger education system or events such as these is critical.

In this age, the people and firms that facilitate communication and information exchange are stronger and more sustainable.

To create a sustainable model, government should establish the “rules of the game” that help ease the transition towards a collaborative economy and give people a sense of direction in the future of the country.

That is why it is so important that courts respect the rule of law, that government ministries administer regulations fairly and transparently, and that innovators and businesses are protected.

The Embassy is proud of our support to entrepreneurs and small businesses, recognizing their critical role in the future of the country.

We are also pleased to collaborate with INDE in achieving sustainable development in Nicaragua.

An example of this is my government’s funding through USAID to promote entrepreneurship training to youth from the Caribbean Coast.

Congratulations to all of the participants here today.


In a few moments we will have the opportunity to appreciate an exhibition of their creations and their many talents.


Through your actions, more Nicaraguans can be included in the prosperity of Nicaragua.


Thank you.