Fundación Fenix Vocational Training Program

Group playing instruments.With the support of the U.S. Embassy – Managua, local NGO Fundación Fenix is implementing a Drug Prevention Campaign and delivering vocational training in Ciudad Sandino, Mateare, Los Brasiles and Districts 1&2 of Managua. Fundación Fenix has been working with at-risk youth for the last 17 years focusing on primary and secondary prevention programs as well as life skills components. A proven success of their programs has been the social and economic reinsertion of about 28 at-risk youth per year.

Fenix has achieved this result by improving the life-skills of youth through their urban agriculture program, which currently includes the cultivation of 32 fruits and vegetables.  In addition, Fenix’s scholarship program is unique to the area and includes technical training in music, agriculture, mechanics, and carpentry. In 2014, Fenix’s goal is to train approximately 100 adolescents.