English for Journalists Program’s Third Graduation

Group photo of the graduating class of English for Journalists

Discurso de la Embajadora Laura F. Dogu
Managua, 9 de febrero del 2016

Felicidades graduados.

Y felicitaciones también a los familiares y amigos de los graduandos, quienes han trabajado tan arduamente para culminar este entrenamiento. Como ellos han estado estudiando inglés, espero que no les importe que cambie de idioma por un rato. It is my honor to be here today on behalf of the Embassy of the United States and be able to celebrate your successful completion of this English course. This is a very big accomplishment.

Today, more than ever, learning English offers great advantages in any profession, but that is especially the case for global communications professionals like yourselves.  English gives you advantages as a journalist. For instance:

  • Most of the web pages on the Internet are in English, so you now have access to this huge amount of information.
  • Much international news is broadcast or published first in English. Examples include networks such as CNN, NBC, BBC and The New York Times.  You are now more capable of following breaking news all over the world.
  • English can widen the opportunities you have through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  You can now track and tweet in both Spanish and English to follow leads and breaking stories and obtain source material.
  • English is increasingly becoming the language of science and technology, international business and digital communication.

It is the official language, or has a special status in some 75 territories worldwide. In other countries all over the globe when people know a second language it tends to be English.

Working in journalism is a special responsibility. In an article titled A New Journalism for Democracy in a New Age, The Pew Research Journalism Project says “Freedom and democracy depend upon individuals who refuse to give up their belief that the free flow of timely, truthful information is what has made freedom, self-government and human dignity possible.” This isn’t easy but it is very important.

Your new language skills combined with your existing professional skills allow you to uphold this high standard for your profession. I challenge you to keep up the good work by finding opportunities to practice your hard-earned English. Again, congratulations to all of you.

I want to say thank you to the Centro Cultural Nicaraguense Norteamericano, which provided all the academic support for this program. In addition to these two groups of journalists that are graduating today from Managua and Matagalpa, another group from León is studying English as part of this program.

Para concluir, ahora están armados con una nueva habilidad, que ha incrementado su capacidad profesional. Utilicen esta nueva herramienta para hacer la diferencia en sus vidas y en la de su comunidad. La información es una de las herramientas más poderosas con las que contamos y ahora tienen acceso a mucha más información.

Nuevamente Felicitaciones a ustedes y a sus familias.

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