EducationUSA Luncheon

EducationUSA luncheon

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Laura F. Dogu
Managua, September 21, 2017

The United States has some of the best universities in the world. We are also Nicaragua’s most important business partner. But there are not sufficient ties between the universities in the United States and Nicaragua. We want to see more Nicaraguans studying in the United States. And also more Americans studying in Nicaragua.

You all are our partners. You all are the facilitators. We have here in Doña Haydée’s Kitchen representatives of universities and programs from both countries. This is the opportunity to explore and create those ties. How can we bring University of Colorado in Boulder professors to carry out a workshop about programming and coding for women? Or how can we make it so that UPOLI students visit the University of Kentucky for a nursing course?

Our businesses are working together. Our citizens have created strong ties of friendship. But more deep and wide relationships between our universities are still lacking. This is the time to create these connections. Thank you for joining this conversation and I hope to learn of the programs that result from this.

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