Earth Day Summit with Access Students

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Laura F. Dogu
Managua, April 22, 2016

Welcome to the Access English Earth Day Summit!

Thank you for coming to represent your class at today’s event.  I know that many of your classmates are watching back home through our webchat, and I welcome all of you to our conversation as well.  Steve is here watching the chat on the side, so if you have any questions or comments during the conversation, please type them in to the chat and we will try to include them.

I know you have all been very busy these past few months learning about and doing activities related to the environment.  I have been on the Facebook group over the past few weeks reading your posts and looking at the photos and videos of the work you have been doing.  What has impressed me is that you haven’t been just staying in your classrooms reading or talking about the environment.  You’ve been out doing things to make the environment better in your own community.  I think that’s the best lesson that you could learn.  I loved the post from Access Managua last week.  It said that saving the planet is a huge task, but really it depends on the small choices that each of us makes every day.  Even though the problems we face are really big, the actions we all take in our homes, schools, and communities make the difference.  That’s what will determine the future.  And I am really proud of the choices this group is making and of the work you’ve been doing this month to improve the environment right within your own communities.

But I am here to listen.  I want to hear more from each of you about the activities your classes have been doing over the past month.  I hope you’ll share with me and with the group what you did and what you learned.  I’ll ask each representative to introduce him or herself and tell us what their class has been up to over the past month.  Please start by telling me your name and which class you are from.

# # #