Donation of Water Filters to Caribbean Coast Communities

Lady talking to kids.In February, the Embassy teamed up with U.S. NGO Waves for Water to donate 170 water filter systems to the Monkey Point, Rama Cay and Brown Bank communities in the Caribbean coast. Members of the Defense Attache Office and the Office of Security Cooperation flew out to Bluefields and then traveled the rest of the way by panga to make the donations to community leaders and to teach them on use and maintenance.

The water filters are low tech and ideal for remote locations. Simple to assemble, use and maintain, they work by gravity and only need a 5 gallon bucket of water (which were supplied with the donations). The filters exceed international standards and have a removal rate of 99.9% of impurities, parasites and bacteria such as cholera from any kind of water be it from a lake, river, well, rain, etc. They are capable of purifying 150 gallons of water per day for 10 years if properly maintained, and will supply clean, drinkable water to more than an entire family.

On February 2, the team delivered 130 filters to the Monkey Point and Rama Cay communities, and on February 3, they travelled to Brown Bank to donate 40 more. After a short class on how to assemble the filters, the community leaders expressed their gratitude and a toast was made with a glass of clean water! In total, the potential for 9 million gallons of clean water was given to all 3 communities.

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