DCM Visits Nicaragua Navy Boat Repair Facility

Men and woman looking at posters.Marta Youth, Deputy Chief of Mission, and RADM Marvin Corrales, Chief of the Nicaraguan Navy, visited the Eduardoño boat repair facility located in Managua on February 6, 2015.

The facility was recently awarded a three-year contract to refurbish up to eight 38-foot Eduardoño-type boats for the Nicaraguan Navy. The NIC Navy confiscated these boats from narco-traffickers while conducting CN operations. During the site visit, the repair team showed Ms. Youth and RADM Corrales three boats in different stages of the refurbishing process. After reviewing the structural modifications to the boats, the repair team also displayed the outboard motors, and navigation and communication technology to be integrated into each unit. These upgrades will significantly boost the speed, range, and interoperability of the boats in CN operations.

Men looking down.USSOUTHCOM is funding this concept under its Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) effort. The program will increase the number of boats available to the NIC Navy to conduct CN interdiction operations. The initial order value was $404,150.00 USD with the first boat projected to be delivered by late February 2015.





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