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The U.S. Embassy in Managua offers briefings for American groups visiting Nicaragua. We place a high value on informing the U.S. public about the policies and programs we implement in Nicaragua. Our briefings typically consist of general information about what the Embassy does, country background, and U.S. foreign policy in Nicaragua. The Embassy representatives who offer the briefings are typically from USAID, the Consular Section, the Political Section, or the Economic Section.

Please note that the briefings are subject to staff availability. We generally need 10 days advance notice as well as the last name, first name, passport number, and DOB for all group members prior to the briefing. All electronic devices (cell phone, cameras, etc.) will need to be left with the guard desk at the front gate.

To request a briefing with the Embassy, please write to managuabriefings@state.gov.

U.S. Embassy Managua

Embassy Telephone: +(505) 2252-7100
Consular Section phone: +(505) 2252-7888
Consular Fax: +(505) 2252-7250

After hours Embassy Telephone
Please do not use these numbers for visa inquiries.

+(505) 2252 – 7100 option 1
+(505) 8768 – 7100 option 1

Duty Officer Phone

+(505) 2252 – 7100 option 1

Information About Access



New parking and shuttle services is available at Centro Comercial Plaza La Fe, km 7.5 Carretera Sur, Pista Suburbana. This location offers secure parking Monday to Friday, from 6am until 4:30pm. This service is temporarily suspended.

There will be greeters onsite available to provide information regarding the shuttle, which runs to and from the Embassy every ten minutes. We recommend arriving to Centro Comercial Plaza La Fe 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

The service fee is C$120.00, which includes all-day parking and round-trip transportation, which can be paid upon arrival.

Personal Bags

The following items are banned from the Consular Section: cell phones, cameras, walkmans, CD players, mp3 players, palm pilots, laptop computer, and all types of electronic equipment. Weapons of any kind are also prohibited. Personal Electronic device larger than a mobile phone cannot be stored during your visit to the Embassy.  Thank you in advance for your compliance with these security measures.