Closing Ceremony for Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation project 2014

La Embajadora corta la cinta junto a miembro de Alcaldía de Vara de Monimbó

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu
May 15, 2017

Good afternoon everyone,

I am very pleased to be here for a second time with you all to officially close the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation project: Inventory and Restoration of the Petroglyphs of Cailagüa and Old Indian Path of Bombonasi – For the Rescue and Revitalization of Monimbó Ancestral Roots.

Thank you all for your effort over the course of nearly two years to successfully complete this project.

The preservation and protection of cultural heritage are fundamental components of the past, the present, and the future of societies. This is why the U.S. Congress has supported the Ambassador Fund for Cultural Preservation since 2001. In Nicaragua, the fund has provided nearly $500,000 for cultural preservation through 14 different projects, including this one.

In all of these projects, the communities continue protecting their sites and preserving their heritage by including them in development policies. This can be through laws of protection, through the development of touristic areas, or through holding cultural events, to name a few options. I have no doubts that you too will work with the local community and local authorities to protect the petroglyphs.

I was pleased to learn that the newly restored site is serving as a bridge between several communities around the lagoon. Now people from these communities can to the city of Masaya by using the path through the Cailagua’s petroglyphs. Not only do they benefit from a shorter route, they see the petroglyphs and learn more about their history. There is also a great opportunity to maintain these cultural symbols as a bridge for economic development. We look forward to hearing more about your efforts to continue increasing the value of this site.

Thank you again for your work and support of this project. I am happy to be here on behalf of the Government and people of the United States to support cultural preservation in Nicaragua.