CCNN Teachers Appreciation Day

Ambassador Dogu posing for a group picture with teaching staff at CCNN

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Laura F. Dogu
June 29, 2017
CCNN, Managua

Good morning teachers!

It is a pleasure to join you today in this national celebration and to recognize your tireless efforts on behalf of CCNN students. You really deserve this day of rest and fun and recognition.

Your work is challenging and important; and your reach goes beyond CCNN walls because you are enabling Nicaraguan youth to aspire to better opportunities through the teaching of the English language.

Henry Adams, a historian and descendent of two U.S. presidents, said: “A teacher affects eternity; he (or she) can never tell where his influence stops.”

Thank you for giving students the tools to succeed in a globalized world that will lead them to better academic studies, better job opportunities, and better ideas that will contribute to the development of their communities.

And thank you for teaching them a language that allows them access to much more information, to expand their minds and to understand better the government and people of the United States, our culture and our values. You have helped to foster mutual understanding between our two nations.

As you embark on a day full of activities of sharing and fun, I want to express my gratitude for being such wonderful partners in our effort to partner with Nicaragua toward a more prosperous, secure and democratic nation.

Happy Teachers Day!

# # #