CCNN Appreciation Night

La Embajada dio una recepción en apreciación al CCNN

Remarks by Ambassador Dogu
October 3, 2016

Good evening.

I’m happy to be here with you all tonight and talk to this community who are shapers of future and creators of bonds between the United States and Nicaragua.

You are enabling Nicaraguan youth to aspire to better opportunities through the teaching of the English language, the information available to the public in your library and the counseling of the educational adviser.

A young person with English knowledge will be able to access other academic studies, other opportunities to improve their quality of lives through a better job, to explore the world broadening their horizons and lead to new and better ideas that contribute to the development of their communities.

And be proud that you have contributed to making it a reality for many young people. Also, to learn English allows people to access more information about the world, specifically the United States, its politics, culture and ideas. This helps promote mutual understanding between our two countries.

This is how you become enablers of the US culture, being that you open up spaces for artistic expression like a Jazz concert or that you celebrate Popcorn Day.

CCNN also encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, by providing support to the community to participate in online seminars that address how to start your business, or by inviting to sessions on digital marketing.

And I will also say that CCNN promotes common values between our nations like the ideals of freedom, equality and human rights whether through a lecture on the role of women during the civil rights movements in the U.S. or through a successful job fair for young Nicaraguans.

CCNN is our ally to make Nicaragua a more prosperous, more secure and democratic nation. Our alliance with CCNN is crucial in benefiting the Nicaraguan youth; the collaboration from each and every one of you is important for Nicaragua to keep prospering.

And this is why tonight I’m happy to announce that CCNN has been chosen again as a priority American space by the Department on State. A revision takes place every two years, and the decision reflects what I already knew, that CCNN is one of the most important centers in the world.

I would also like to welcome María Jiménez, the new executive director. We look forward to working together in the coming months and years.

I want to thank everyone for being our best allies.

Thank you very much CCNN.

# # #