Cargill’s CSR Report

La Embajadora durante su discurso en la Entrega del Informe RSE Cargill

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Laura F. Dogu
Managua, July 24, 2017

Congratulations to Cargill for their excellence in demonstrating corporate social responsibility or CSR in Nicaragua and throughout the region. In Nicaragua, many companies and entrepreneurs have a charitable foundation. And they have a positive impact. But many people confuse charity with CSR. CSR is not charity, but consists of investing in its suppliers, customers and collaborators. In other words, the community is critical to the success of the company.

We are all gathered here today because we have a commitment to our communities. Companies like Cargill play a leading role in promoting CSR. These multinational U.S. companies bring the best practices of their operations around the world to Nicaragua. And, they can also take their successful programs from Nicaragua to other countries.

The world’s consumers are changing. Now they want to buy products with a positive social impact. A CSR program is how companies can show this positive impact. The result for companies is a more competitive product, more reliable suppliers, and more loyal partners. Only by working together can we promote socially responsible growth and sustainable development.

Thank you!

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