Business Leaders from Bilwi Engaged to Address Citizen Security

Group photoWith the support of the U.S. Embassy – Managua, the U.S. NGO Project Concern International (PCI) is implementing a comprehensive program addressing education, capacity building, and community development.  As part of their POSsibilities program (Peace, Opportunity, Security), PCI partnered with the Nicaraguan Union for Corporate Social Responsibility (uniRSE) to train PCI’ staff and a group of local business leaders from Bilwi.  The goal was to engage the groups on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and educate them on the value CSR can bring to businesses operating in the region. The training highlighted how effective CSR can increase customer, employee and community satisfaction, leading to increased sales, while reducing operating expenses from cost drivers such as theft, vandalism and violent crime.

PCI’s staff, with the training received from uniRSE, will now replicate the training in selected communities of Puerto Cabezas, Rosita and Waspam. The program includes working with committed local business leaders to develop individual business-specific CSR plans, which in addition to addressing their specific priorities, will detail their commitment to supporting select initiatives prioritized in risk reduction plans – plans developed by each community with the support of PCI.

PCI will seek specific commitments for developing internship placements and employment goals for local youth and women with the understanding that the absence of economic opportunity is an underlying factor contributing to reduced citizen security. The end product will be a regional plan for promoting voluntary corporate social responsibility in order to make communities safer, generate wellbeing and improve the business and investment climate on the North Caribbean Autonomous Region.