Ambassador’s Toast at Reception for Politicians

Good evening everyone and thank you for coming.

It’s good to see so many familiar faces away from the office. Events like these are important because personal connections make a difference in our relationships.

In our bilateral history there have been moments of friendship and tension. In Nicaraguan society there have also been instances of friendship and tension, but tonight we celebrate new personal connections. Working together, we advance toward common goals.

I would like to introduce the new members of our team. First, our Deputy Chief of Mission. You might have already met him at our Fourth of July Celebration.

I would also like to introduce our new Political Officer, who will focus on issues like human rights, trafficking in persons, and elections, among others.

Tomorrow the official campaign season will begin. It’s great to see political counterparts enjoying a welcome reception together. As I said in my remarks at our Fourth of July Celebration, democracy requires that we protect and celebrate diversity, even when we disagree on some beliefs, practices, or rhetoric.
We hope to keep working with all Nicaraguans, so that these principles are strengthened in Nicaragua.

Enjoy the reception.

Thank you.