Alumni Association Launch

La Embajadora Dogu posa para una foto de grupo con todos los miembros de la Asociación

Remarks by Ambassador Laura Dogu
Managua, November 10, 2016

Good evening and welcome to the United States Embassy.

It is wonderful to see so many alumni gathered at this important event that we celebrate today. With us tonight, there are different generations of Fulbright, IVLP, UGRAD, SUSI, CHOP, ACCESS and CASS, to name a few of the various programs the Embassy has sponsored over the years.

As fellows, you were selected for your achievements, potential and your ability to inspire and lead others. You have participated in recognized exchange programs.

And every time I have spoken to you I have heard that your lives have been enriched by that experience. Therefore, they have a special responsibility to share their knowledge with others.

We are proud of our programs because they allow us to take talented young people and professionals from Nicaragua to the United States to share their experience, knowledge and culture, while living and studying with American and international students.

Likewise, we are very pleased with the impact of the programs in Nicaragua to enhance academic and work opportunities for youth. For example, the scholarships to study English such as The English Access Micro Scholarship Program and the College Horizons Outreach Program.

After you have returned from the United States or completed your scholarship in Nicaragua, you have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge to your friends, family and co-workers. This way you contribute to the growth, development, and progress of this beautiful country.

The Embassy listened to your comments about having an alumni association to work together and stay connected.

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet other alumni and future friends and partners, to strengthen your network of contacts, exchange ideas and explore future collaborations.

As Ambassador of the United States, I reaffirm my country’s commitment to continue working to promote a prosperous, secure and democratic Nicaragua.

I am sure that we can fulfill this mission with the support and the bond that unites us with the community of alumni in Nicaragua.

Now, Lillyam Canales, President of the Association, will tell you a bit more about ANIUSA. The success of this group depends on all of you.

Thank you.