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June 6, 2023

Driving in the Rainy Season in Nicaragua

U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua
Alert for U.S. Citizens

June 5, 2023

Location: Throughout Nicaragua

Event: Each year between May and October, torrential rains create hazardous road conditions throughout Nicaragua.  Flooding occurs quickly even with limited rainfall, and in the worst conditions, moving water can sweep away vehicles.

Heavy rains can create large potholes on roadways, increasing driving hazards particularly during times of limited visibility (rain, dark, etc.).  In some cases, manhole covers are removed from paved roads to support drainage, presenting additional risks for motorists.  Flooding also hides hazardous obstacles or materials such as unearthed trees, debris, and/or power lines. Many vehicles operate without functioning headlights or brake lights making driving in inclement weather particularly dangerous.

If possible, it is best to avoid driving during heavy rainfall.  Keeping your eyes focused far ahead will allow time to recognize potential danger zones and avoid or appropriately navigate them.  A properly maintained vehicle is important to avoid mechanical issues and properly inflated tires will help to improve vehicle handling.


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