Access Program Certificate Ceremony at Universidad de Ingenieria

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador, Laura F. Dogu
Managua, April 18, 2017

Thank you very much for inviting me to be here today at UNI! Thank you very much to the students, parents, and teachers.

Also, we thank the Access host university, UNI, represented by its vicerrector, Mr. Victor Arcia, and also to the Access service provider, Fabretto Foundation, represented by Mr. Cesar Dubois.

I have been in several Access ceremonies and each of them has been special. There is something in common among the Access students: They have strong minds and sincere desires to meet their goals day after day.

The Access students’ parents are also special because they have committed to support their children to learn English in the following two years. It may seem easy at the beginning, but it is a long hard way full of responsibilities. However, I am convinced that at the end you will say it was worth it.

You may be wondering why the U.S. Embassy supports the English Access Microscholarship Program. It’s because we believe that by learning English, many Nicaraguans will benefit. With English, they will get better jobs and will have opportunities to study in a university in Nicaragua or abroad. Many of the academic data in the Internet is written only in English and it is useful when you have access to that information.

The Access Program is in high demand. There were many candidates applying for this program and we had a limited number of scholarships. You were selected because we believe that you have the capacity and motivation to study English intensively for two years. And also because you have your parents’ support.

I studied Spanish and I know that studying a foreign language requires a lot of effort and a lifelong dedication. I still continue learning new words in Spanish and that is also going to happen with you while you learn English. The secret is in the practice of the language in and out the classroom. It is important to look for opportunities to practice your English with your classmates, by watching movies in English, by reading articles in English on the Internet. You must live the language in order to master it. I know you can do it!

I am very proud of this achievement you have reached today by being officially accepted into the Access Program. It is my wish that each of you graduates from this program in 2019! Congratulations on this new beginning!